How to Choose an Oenology Set

Rare corkscrews displayed in a jewellery box. Exceptional accessories showcased in a treasure chest. L’Atelier du Vin’s range of oenology sets perfectly illustrate our century-old know-how. Since 1926, we have been designing and manufacturing French wine tools with the utmost care, from the cellar to the table, until we achieve the perfect balance between reliability, ergonomics and elegance.

A heartfelt gift, a collector’s passion, a cellarman’s secret drawer, a sommelier’s toolbox… Each and very wine lover will find their perfect oenology set amongst our timeless collections, from curious oenophiles to wine experts, or the ideal wine gift set for the person of your choice. In this complete guide, L’Atelier du Vin will provide you with advice to choose the right sommelier set or collector’s corkscrew case.

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What is the Purpose of a Wine Accessory Set?

A sommelier box, heir to the tradition of “tabletterie”, is essential for storing, protecting and preserving wine tools. Whether in the form of an elegant briefcase or a more contemporary design, this type of the top-of-the-range case is tailor-made, giving a personal collection of wine accessories its true meaning.

What is the purpose of a wine toolbox? Unique and multi-functional, it shares the utility of a toolbox, the value of a jewellery case and the emotion of a memory box. It reveals the depth of its soul during the rare moments of a lifetime of tasting sessions, with the passion for adventure of a travel case, the rarity of a collector’s item, and for those initiated into the art of oenology, the sacred character of a ritual object box.

Protecting Wine Tools

When safely tucked away in a sommelier box, wine accessories are protected from falls, knocks, dust and loss. A wine toolbox’s primary function is to protect, store and preserve in the long term. Without this protective case, opening, serving and storage wine accessories tend to get scattered, misplaced, forgotten, or lost forever.

Exposure to daylight, dust and humidity could also accelerate wear and tear, corrosion or tarnishing of the accessories’ high quality components. Delicately storing wine accessories in a box keeps them safe while maintaining their shine, until the next tasting session.

Honouring the Oenological Ritual

In an oenology box, each wine tool has an allocated space, a different compartment or niche for the corkscrew, the pourer, the stopper… All these sacred objects are preciously stored in these initiation sets, awaiting the next oenological ritual, only to be revealed by the master of ceremony when the time is right.

Opening a sommelier box on a tasting table is a moment of pure magic. Each wine accessory is essential for executing each gesture and revealing a grand cru’s mysteries after years of silence in a wine cellar, much to the delight of oenophiles and experts alike.

The wine tools are then returned to their rightful place, along with valuable tasting notes and a new trophy: the stamped cork. Closing the box gives rise to a sense of achievement, bringing the ceremony to an end. Such is the ritualistic function of a wine box: to perpetuate the sacred nature of the art of living wine.

Creating a Unique and Personal Collection

A rare wine toolkit is the collector’s Holy Grail! A collection is, by very definition, unique and personal. The artefacts that make up a collection are highly sought after and collected for their rarity. They are then carefully stored away, sometimes in their original packaging.

Oenology collector sets are highly sought-after signature objects for corkscrew and wine accessory collectors. This masterpiece of craftsmanship enhances a collection and must stand out for the quality of its manufacturing, especially when it is an authentic creation by a master artisan. Engraved with the owner’s initials, these oenology sets are a must-have for collectors.

What Are the Different Types of Wine Toolboxes?

A sommelier box is to the corkscrew what a bottle is to wine. There are many different ones, which can be organised by type. But each wine tool set is unique. Here is a quick overview of the main categories, to help you find the perfect oenology set for you or as a gift.

The Corkscrew Set

These beautiful boxes showcase corkscrews. Twin bladed, lever, De Gaulle, endless, electric, sommelier, rack and pinion… Whatever the particular model of corkscrew, it will stand out for its noble materials, unusual mechanism, exceptional quality of finish or limited edition.

A corkscrew set may hold several bottle openers or include an additional accessory, such as a foil cutter, pourer, aerator or oenology thermometer. However, the corkscrew remains the centrepiece and a custom-made box is the perfect way to display it in all its glory.

The Wine Gift Box

An oenology toolbox is the perfect gift for amateurs of fine red and white wines. But what should you consider when choosing a wine gift box? Among the countless different models, you should choose the one that perfectly matches the recipient’s personality and usage.

Beautiful sommelier accessories, rather than a selection of wines or an oenology class, are a gift that will last a lifetime. Carefully study the different tools, materials, format, quality of craftmanship and finish to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or a loved one’s birthday.

Finally, to ensure that your oenology set is a truly personalised gift, it should be customisable. A box made out of fine wood engraved with the person’s initials, for example, is far more than a simple birthday present, it is a wine toolbox for life.

The Sommelier Set

Sommeliers excel in the art of personally choosing wine and serving it. Each gesture should be perfectly carried out, which is why their tools are so important. A sommelier box holds all of their instruments, such as a corkscrew, foil cutter, pourer and champagne pliers, to open and serve still and sparkling wines with finesse.

What makes a sommelier set different? Unlike oenology accessories designed for occasional use, sommeliers need wine tools that can withstand intensive use. Particular attention must therefore be paid to the reliability and robustness of the corkscrew’s opening mechanism, since enormous pressure is exerted when opening each bottle. This professional use sometimes requires several types of corkscrews, which can be found in a sommelier case, in order to adapt to all corks and bottles, as there is no room for error when opening a rare wine.

The Complete Oenology Set

Who has never lost a corkscrew? Imagine how disheartening it would be to have a fine wine ready for tasting, but nothing to open it with! A complete toolbox for wine lovers includes everything you need, without exception, for every step of the oenological ritual: extraction of the cork, temperature control, precise service, aeration of the wine, removal of air, hermetic resealing, etc.

They also include additional compartments to hold corks, labels, tasting notes, vineyard maps or food and wine pairing guides, to create the ultimate wine tasting experience.

The Collector’s Wine Tool Set

What sets an authentic collector’s wine collection apart from others? A collector’s box. Rare and sometimes unique, these cases are collector’s item in themselves. There are not find two the same, or very few in a limited series. A collector’s wine box may contain exclusive corkscrews, as well as rare, unique or hard-to-find wine tools.

A sommelier collector box stands out for its outstanding quality of finish. Made in France by master craftsmen, the collector’s wine toolbox is unique in its composition and assembly. The owner’s name is engraved on it, making it unique in the world, and the perfect place for collectors to store their most precious items.

L’Atelier du Vin Oenology Sets

After this brief introduction into the world of wine boxes, let’s move on to our authentic range of oenology sets. Now that you know how to differentiate them, take the time to immerse yourself into each of L’Atelier du Vin’s collectible and luxury sets, from corkscrew boxes to sommelier cases, until you know which one to choose and engrave your initials on.

The Wine-Lover’s Curiosities Cabinet

Handcrafted in France by our master artisans, this luxury wine tool set, made out of solid walnut, is the most complete in our collection. The Wine-Lover’s Curiosities Cabinet, which can be placed vertically on your most beautiful tasting table or mounted on your personal wine cellar wall, is the perfect home for your complete collection of wine accessories.

Similar to a craftsman’s workshop, your exceptional wine tools are hung inside this luxury box made out of noble wood. An elegant and ingenious central compartment, reserved for finest bottles’ corks, separates the opening accessories – corkscrews, foil cutter, champagne pliers -, from the service and presentation tools – pourer, aerator, wine thermometer and vacuum pump.

There are also stoppers carefully tucked into the doors, which serve as a clever storage area for tasting notes, labels, vineyard maps, business cards and other tasting souvenirs. The layout is perfect. This large collector’s set is ideal for passionate collectors and wine lovers, whose initials will remain forever engraved.

Le Collectionneur 1

Beneath a cabinetmaker’s glass case, on a felt cloth, lie 5 of L’Atelier du Vin’s signature creations on the left, and 3 rare, antique corkscrews on the right, handpicked and restored by our experts. Le Collectionneur 1 is a collector’s box par excellence, a unique edition engraved with the owner’s initials or coat of arms. No other box contains the same collectible corkscrews, making the wine set three times more unique.

Le Collectionneur 2

Beneath a sky of glass is displayed an antique bottle opener, a unique model from the 19th or 20th century, travelling back in time on a river of blue felt. Alongside it are 3 of our fine contemporary creations: the Oeno Motion Wood lever corkscrew with its chrome metal, sparkling wine pliers and a foil cutter. Le Collectionneur 2 is an ideally-sized luxury collector’s box, adorned with matte walnut and a display glass to showcase the prestigious wine tools, like a river of diamonds in a velvet case.

Oeno Box Connoisseur 1

This superb solid maple and birch plywood box brings together all of a wine connoisseur’s accessories, for a memorable wine tasting session. Handcrafted in France by our master craftsmen, this wine accessory set is one of the most complete in our collection.

When the box is opened, the map of European vineyards inside the lid gives rise to a special emotion. No oenological accessory is missing, from opening to serving the wine: 3 chrome corkscrews, champagne pliers, a wine thermometer and the Universal Developer for decanters or wine glasses. To ensure that not a single drop of wine is wasted, 2 stoppers are also included (for still and sparkling wine), along with a vacuum pump and two indicator stoppers. Placing your tools in the Oeno Box Connoisseur 1 will fill you with a sense of accomplishment, bringing a perfectly executed wine tasting ceremony to an end.

To ensure that not a single drop of wine is wasted, 2 stoppers are also included (for still and sparkling wine), along with a vacuum pump and two indicator stoppers. Placing your tools in the Oeno Box Connoisseur 1 will fill you with a sense of accomplishment, bringing a perfectly executed wine tasting ceremony to an end.

Oeno Box Connoisseur 3


Syrah, Merlot, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, Carignan… The Oeno Box Connoisseur 3 was designed to help you recognise the different grape varieties used in red and white wines from France’s various wine-growing regions, a map of which is included inside the light-coloured wooden lid.

A waiter’s corkscrew, sparkling wine pliers, a universal aerator, stoppers, a vacuum pump: each of these tools will help you develop your palate, appreciate oenological notes and become a fine connoisseur of wine aromas.

Oeno Box Sommelier

A sommelier box par excellence, this black case is both elegant and discrete. Displayed inside is our professional lever corkscrew, with its chrome metal arms. Adopted by oenologists and wine merchants to open rare bottles and prestigious vins de garde, this opening mechanism is infallible.

To ensure a successful tasting session and service, the Oeno Box Sommelier also includes our Wine Ring, to place on the outside of the bottle neck to prevent any drops, a guide to France’s greatest vineyards by vintage year and a food and wine pairing table. This set will soon become a must-have for serving wine alongside a signature regional dish in a gourmet restaurant or at a winery.

The Wine Tool Râtelier

The Wine Tool Râtelier is a tasteful take on the racks of winemaker’s utensils that hang on a cellar or workshop wall. The black beech wood case includes an endless corkscrew, a foil cutter, a champagne cork opener and 2 stoppers.

This lidless wine toolbox can be placed on its easel or on a wall at eye level. Like a painting, it depicts the art of opening and preserving a bottle of still or sparkling wine. This stylish rack is the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts, art lovers and wine accessory collectors.

Oeno Collection 2

Côtes de Nuits, Entre-Deux-Mers, Anjou-Saumur, Côte des Blancs… A collection of wine tools awaits impatiently in a black box to honour France’s greatest vineyards, as well as wines around the world. Compact and ergonomic, Oeno Collection 2 brings together all a sommelier and oenologists’ tools to appreciate every step of the oenological ritual: opening, aerating, service and storage.

Oeno Collection 3

This miniature oenology set is home to 4 sommelier instruments, on-hand to execute the oenological ritual to perfection. Each accessory is a jewel, both beautiful and ergonomic, as reflected by the Soft Machine Crystal’s transparency and smoothness, ranking it among the most elegant collector’s corkscrews.

The Oeno Collection 3 set is perfect to learn how to open a bottle correctly, serve with a pourer and master the art of a sommelier. It will soon become a must-have for family gatherings, tasting sessions with friends or romantic dinners.

Oeno Collection 4

Minimal design. Maximum efficiency. What more is there to say about this little sommelier box? Inside are 2 wine accessories: a special edition of the Soft Machine Dandy corkscrew to open bottles of still wine, and a beautiful pair of chrome champagne or sparkling wine pliers.

Bourgogne, Champagne, Bordeaux… No bottle can resist this stunning duo and collectors will be marvel at the Oeno Collection 4. Bold yet elegant, this mini sommelier set will accompany you on your great oenological adventure. With its easy-to-carry format, it can be taken on a tasting tour through France’s great wine growing regions, or all around the world.

Sparkling Set

This champagne accessory set is a masterpiece of woodwork, with glamourous curves and a fresh design. The luxury Sparkling Set in solid walnut slides open like a double-bottomed drawer to reveal sparkling wine pliers and a Model 54 champagne stopper.

In the upper part of the box, is a secret compartment in which to store champagne wires, reminders of fun times and wonderful, bubbly memories. The box is easy to pack in a travel case and designed to create excitement, whatever the destination.

Mini Collector 1

This box is reminiscent of a fountain pen or glasses case in size. The veins of the walnut wood add character to its perfectly rectangular shape and smooth lines. The Mini Collector 1 sommelier set has the ability to help you rediscover wine, with its superb accessories.

The box includes 3 compartments on a felt cloth, to display a chrome waiter’s corkscrew, champagne pliers and a Model 54 stopper. Beneath the lid is a printed folio on which to keep note of your finest tastings. This miniature sommelier box can also be customised with the owner’s initials, making it the perfect gift for wine tool collectors and oenology enthusiasts.

Oeno Motion Trésor

Lever corkscrew is its box

This box of collectible corkscrews, reminiscent of a luxury set of novels, tells the story of wonderful wine tasting moments, archiving every note. Wine and culture enthusiasts, collectors of beautiful corkscrews and lovers of fine things, will appreciate Oeno Motion Trésor as an initiatory gift, the symbol of a lifetime of exploring the mysteries of wine.

Inside the subtle, red-lacquered box, lies the Oeno Motion corkscrew. Its smooth hand-polished patina expresses great refinement to both the eye and touch. Its powerful jaw, sharp worm and vertical lever mechanism provide a moment of pure pleasure when extracting the cork. A ritual wine tool for oenologists and a precious object for collectors.

Oeno Motion Collector

An open corkscrew set to hang on the wall in your wine cellar or place on your fireplace mantle. A beautiful Oeno Motion Wood & Chrome lever corkscrew hangs inside, reminiscent of former tool racks. There is also a cork compartment beneath to store all your tasting trophies.

The Oeno Motion Collector set is authentic and unique, and includes a L’Atelier du Vin magnetic cork to display and store vineyard cards or personal notes. Both ornamental and functional, this everyday set holds a natural place in wine lovers’ hearts.


Chic Set Night

This box is a favourite for wine and design lovers. With the charm of a black and white photograph in a red frame, the Chic Set Night hides nothing. It boldly displays 2 wine accessories like works of art in an exhibition. These two sommelier tools are sure to impress during a romantic evening, when pairing a smooth wine with fine food.

Black from head to toe, the Chic Monsieur Night endless corkscrew will help you open bottles with disconcerting ease, effortlessly slipping the cork out. The vacuum pump will come into play at the end of the tasting session to remove any air from the bottle and thus prevent oxidation, in one simple movement. Accompanied by indicator stoppers, it also has a window to check the bottle’s internal pressure, providing the perfect excuse to sample the wine again the next day.

Le Globe

Time stands still from one tasting to the next. Like wine tannins suspended in a bottle, this sumptuous oenology case protects its exceptional wine tools beneath a glass dome, thus attracting the gaze of curious oenophiles and the envy of collectors.

Whether placed on a tray or hanging from a hook, Le Globe is sure to impress by its beauty and the quality of its oenology accessories. A true contemporary sculpture in the image of Bacchus, this luxury set is an original gift idea for those who appreciate useful art and yearn to experience wine as if in a daydream.

Oeno Motion Groom

A luxurious set made up of a walnut shell and a glass bell, majestically showcasing the Oeno Motion Wood & Chrome vertical lever corkscrew, an incisive foil cutter and champagne pliers… Pure elegance!

A leather strap at the top of the blown glass globe allows to unveil the talent of these 3 formidable wine accessories, to effortlessly open the finest bottles of wine. The Oeno Motion Groom collector’s set is timeless, to be handed down from generation to generation. Only the initials engraved on the solid walnut base and the corks preserved beneath the bell will bear witness to the true history of this anthology set.

The Nomad Collection, Wine Toolkits

Handcrafted in Italy, the Nomad collection’s genuine leather cases envelop the wine tools like a glove. Drawing inspiration from sturdy craftsman tool cases and travel bags, these oenology toolkits are elegant and original alternatives to wooden sommelier boxes.

Whether at home, abroad or at a friend’s house, the Nomad collection kits effortlessly create the perfect conditions for a wine tasting session, indoors or outdoors. For this limited edition, L’Atelier du Vin has decided to showcase 3 of its signature corkscrews, each in a tailor-made case:

Finally, the raw tan leather Oeno Collection Nomad travel sommelier kits unfold to reveal a Bilame and Garçon corkscrew, champagne pliers, foil cutter, pourer leaf and Model 54 stopper. Each of these fine wine accessories are securely fastened with a press stud.