Sparkling Set

Champagne service Set

Be warned, things are going to sparkle! SPARKLING SET holds the essential tools for opening sparkiling wines but also the souvenirs of shared tastings.

  • Model 54, the universal stopper that adapts to all bottle necks, preserves the aromas or bubbles of your opened wines.
  • Cork Opener for opening champagnes and fine sparkling wines.
  • Chromed metal Foil Cutter, simple and efficient professional tool.


A sublime piece of cabinetry in walnut wood, the Sparkling set is the secret chest for champagne lovers.

Secret number 1: its first tray accommodates the wine caps and memorable capsules like so many bubbles of memories from tastings.

Secret number 2, by a subtle and discreet mechanism, the second tray opens and invites you discover the beautiful tools for opening and preserving fine sparkling wines.

Secret number 3 is a gift that will bring sparkle to your holidays!

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