Le Collectionneur 2

Sommelier's set, corkscrews of Collection

Le Collectionneur – through carefully crafted walnut showcases containing Wine Tools – engages out contemporary creation in dialogue with unique pieces; collector’s corkscrews, refined or modest, but always authentic.


Treasures of inventivenessLever, T-shaped, twin-blade corkscrews… the cork extraction systems are numerous and surprising. What inventiveness also for the “mechanisms”! Rack, tilted ring, helical, screw handle, bell-head, compound lever mechanisms… Over time – since the 18th century, when the sale of wine in bottles was authorised – ingenious minds have filed hundreds of patents for corkscrew designs. Even those of hand-made origin, their careful manufacture demonstrates the attention paid to the design details: the choice and adjustment of the materials – ebony, horn, steel, brass… – the stem delicately worked in an oblique form up to the spindle, solid spindle, round spindle, cutting coils, spiral tip centred or uncentred…The showcase houses:• 3 opening devices, each with its place on the felt surface:- Corkscrew Oeno Motion® Wood- Chromed metal Foil Cutter- Champagne Cork Opener• 1 unique model of antic corkscrew (19th or 20th century) to be placed on the free surface reserved for it• The corkscrew booklet Small brochure presenting some of the technical and historical characteristics of the corkscrews.EACH COLLECTIONNEUR IS UNIQUE• Antique corkscrews: from one showcase to another, antique corkscrews – unique pieces – are never the same.• Tools of L’Atelier du Vin: each type of showcase – Collectionneur 1, 2… – always contains the same set of new tools.CONDITION OF THE OLD-STYLE CORKSCREWSOur old-style corkscrews are in working condition. Certain models may present mechanical or surface condition imperfections. L’Atelier du Vin may not be held liable for this. Returning these objects, whatever the defects are, is not possible, therefore. Thank you for your understanding.MAINTENANCE OF OLD CORKSCREWSOver time, oxidation of the metal may become excessively present. To remedy this, traditional methods are still effective: emery cloth, steel wool, varnish, beeswax, etc.Sizes: L 33.3cm x D 22.9cm x H 8.1cm.Customization on request: info@atelierduvin.com


Materials and manufacture : solid walnut, wool felt and foam padding. Handcrafted in France.


Free delivery within 24h / 48h in Metropolitan France from 50€.

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