L’Atelier du Vin x Robert Mondavi Winery

Copyrights Robert Mondavi Winery


Robert Mondavi Wines has selected two of our iconic corkscrews to put its stamp on them, as part of a wide distribution in Asia.


L’Atelier du Vin, which manages 360° customization programs, shows another facet of its know-how and participates in its own way in the visibility of an “elegant French touch” to “connoisseur” customers.


Le Soft Machine Rosewood x Robert Mondavi Winery 


The cork is pulled out vertically, without any torsion or effort minimizing any damage to the cork.

Le Garçon x Robert Mondavi Winery

With an easy grip providing pleasant handling and in a practical size to slip in the pocket, this corkscrew is perfect for opening all bottles.