The creation of our products

Our soil is the permanent relationship that we maintain with winegrowers – we ourselves have “a foot in the vineyard” – oenologists and … (very) enlightened amateurs.

Neither is a product that serves a function but is made of poor materials or a design that does not “make you want” it. For each new project, our Studio pays attention to both the quality of the design and the choice of materials. We are looking to link successful ergonomics, sensitive touches, and refined aesthetics. The idea first takes the form of a freehand drawing with some annotations

Then, the team gives it a real shape through 3D representations and with first mockups. When the decision of in-depth study is made, the numerous back-and-forth conversations with one of our manufacturing workshops lead to a first functional prototype; that we always expect with hope and … anxiety.

L'Atelier du Vin tire-bouchon création produit

The length of the development, depending on the complexity of the products, varies from 1 to 3 years…

For the packaging: we take the same care in its design and development – shape, materials, colors, graphics… – since we are convinced that it should fully meet the consumer’s expectations.

Coffret à outil du vin