5 wine accessories to make the best gifts for wine lovers

What are the best wine gift ideas for people who appreciate good wine or are passionate about oenology? L’Atelier du Vin makes exceptional wine accessories to make the opening of each bottle a rare and precious moment, from serving to tasting. Here are 5 gems from our collection that will make the best gifts for wine lovers and fans of oenology!

A wine tasting glass is always a safe bet

A great wine cannot be served in any old glass—only a worthy vessel can reveal the mysteries of this nectar of the gods to your palate. Drawing on a century of expertise, L’Atelier du Vin invented the Exploreur Oenologie, a unique tasting glass that lets the wine express itself. What makes it unique?


A technical feat of master glassmaking, this exceptional wine tasting glass features an Aroma line that sets it apart from the rest—when your precious wine comes into contact with this unique vein in the wall of the glass, it fully releases its aromas and flavors. Inlaid micro-beads indicate the correct level to fill the glass to, so that you can enjoy the perfect tasting experience. The Exploreur Oenologie makes the perfect gift idea for wine lovers—for everyone from beginner wine tasting enthusiasts to experienced connoisseurs.

A wine decanter—a must-have wine gift

An essential part of a wine and oenology kit, a wine decanter illuminates the room as soon as it is placed on the table. With grace and generosity, a decanter offers the lucky few a radiant, ethereal display as the wine flows along its crystalline walls. A must-have piece of wine tasting equipment, a decanter can be used to aerate a younger wine or let an older wine that has been aged to maturity breathe by increasing the surface area in contact with the air.


The vessels of choice of alchemist wine-producers, L’Atelier du Vin’s wine decanters are hand-blown from high-quality glass. With a range of styles offering open necks or colored stoppers, classic or original silhouettes, smooth or ribbed walls—each decanter in our oenology collection is unique. Whichever model you choose, a wine decanter is always the perfect gift idea for a wine lover who enjoys tasting good bottles of red or white wine.

For a decorative touch, give a bottle rack or drying rack for wine glasses

If you are looking for a wine gift idea that is both decorative and functional, a beautiful wine storage and presentation accessory is the perfect choice. Unlike other wine tools that come into direct contact with the nectar of the gods, this type of gift is designed to highlight the art of wine appreciation at home, while providing a practical way to organize your bottles or glasses.


The bottle rack, featured in L’Atelier du Vin’s storage and presentation collection, achieves the best results in a living room, kitchen, or on a countertop. With a minimal, compact design, it will find its rightful place in a range of different spaces and interior design styles, whether classic or modern. Similarly, the draining rack for wine tasting glasses highlights the passion for wine shared by budding oenologists and experienced wine collectors alike.


A wine stopper or a vacuum pump makes the perfect practical gift

To preserve the aromas of an already opened bottle of wine, it is important to use a vacuum pump or a wine stopper. Stylish and practical, the Gard’Vin pair from our range of oenology accessories makes a practical wine gift—a handy piece of equipment on any occasion. By turning on the pump, the air is sucked out of the bottle until the indicator positioned on the On/Off cap confirms that the bottle has been hermetically sealed. With the wine’s oxidation put on pause, you can wait until your next tasting occasion without worrying about any unpleasant surprises.

The ultimate wine gift idea—the oenology gift box

A gift box of specialist wine tools undoubtedly makes a beautiful, elegant gift for a wine lover still thirsty to learn more about oenology. Ranging from our corkscrew collection and wine accessory set to our Sommelier’s set, waiter’s set and oenologist’s box set, L’Atelier du Vin’s wine accessory gift boxes draw on expertise and passion, bringing together the function and handling pleasure of each wine accessory to offer an exceptional tasting experience.