Our Designer and Engineers’ Expertise

The first steps of the design for our wine accessories take place in our creative studio in Paris. Our designers and engineers bring their expertise together, combining inventiveness and ingenuity.

Every year, we strive to find the perfect balance between robustness, ergonomics and beauty, in order to develop or perfect our wine preservation, serving and tasting accessories, that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

We invest time and money in Research and Development, so that our creators, designers and engineers can carefully study every aspect of each part. The most convincing designs are then turned into wine tool prototypes, that are as pleasing to the eye and touch, as they are intuitive and easy to use, for a seamless and elegant wine ritual.

Our Workshop in France and our Custom-Made Tools

To design and manufacture our top-of-the-range wine tools, we combine traditional and modern practices to manage the process from beginning to end.

Many of our sets and products are hand-crafted, assembled or finished in our workshop in France (or inside accredited ones), with an unparalleled savoir-faire.

The Uniqueness of our Custom-Made Industrial Moulds

For some of the metal and composite parts of our mass-produced models, we provide the factory with our own custom tools. These precise moulds, designed according to our specifications and owned by us, enable us to manufacture high-performing mechanisms that stand out from the rest with their unique and exclusive shapes.

Our Master Craftsmen’s Ancestral Savoir-Faire

For the custom design of our wooden cases, we call on the few “tabletiers” still in activity today and their ancestral savoir-faire. “Tabletterie” is a French term for the ancient art of handcrafting small wooden objects, such as a little travel chest, jewellery box or checkers set, similar to treenware. L’Atelier du Vin is proud to perpetuate this ancient savoir-faire by entrusting these French master craftsmen with the meticulous woodwork for many of our projects.

For a sustainable and eco-responsible production, our master “tabletiers” select wood from local sustainably managed forests, whenever possible. Each individual piece of wood is handpicked and cut to size in order to preserve the original veins. With the greatest care and an unparalleled level of mastery, our craftsmen combine ancient assembly techniques with contemporary machining processes to produce unique wine tool cases.

The Art of our Master Glassmakers

Our master glassmakers’ traditional savoir-faire in the design of wine glassware is inimitable. This ancient artform, inherited from alchemists, has been perpetuated for centuries, from the creation of cathedral stained glass windows, to tableware.

Our decanters, champagne flutes and wine glasses are made out of high quality, lead-free (whenever possible), mouth-blown glass. Our glassmakers add their own personal touch, heart and soul, and artist signature to each handcrafted item, making all of our models unique.

Our Experts’ High Standards in Quality Control

Finally, L’Atelier du Vin carries out strict quality control for each of our products and components, at every stage of the manufacturing process. By calling on the additional know-how of independent engineering experts, we can guarantee the conformity and durability of our high-end wine accessories, before hand-packing them and safely shipping them to our customers.