Our Wine Shelving

Designed for professional and personnal use, the interior design units have a refined visual look and can be easily incorporated into any environment.

The combination of our many layout options allows for the design of custom projects. These options respond to the functional choice of the oenophile to store and present his bottles ; individual housing, storage, presentation on inclined planes, drawer shelves for wooden boxes… their design is very robust.

The materials used are durable and authentic: steel, solid wood, tempered glass…

The precise fitting and assembly of the materials are a guarantee of robustness and aesthetic consistency.

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Our wine cellar accessories

To be able to "manage" your cellar, to find your bottles easily, to know and control the conditions of conservation, to complete the lighting... our cellar signs, our small instruments will be very precious to you.

The creation of an Espace-Vin is a serious matter since it involves housing the living heritage – in constant renewal – of a collector, a restaurant, a wine estate…

But creating a cellar also means imagining a wonderful place of welcome and festive exchanges where we celebrate the “Art of Living Wine”.

All these bottles, offered to us, have only one destiny: to be desired, pampered and commented on before being given to the joyful initiates, the impatient discoverers.

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Our accompaniment to create your cellar or your wine space

Every project is different. Each project becomes unique.

The request – objective and description of the place to be fitted out, number of bottles, storage, enhancement, reception function… – must be well understood to allow the elaboration of a detailed proposal.


Together with the project owner - the end-user and/or his consultant - our Studio and our Workshop first try to gather the data that will allow us to best design what is expected. When necessary, a 3D representation allows the visualization of the project in space.


This back and forth of definition and conception is the prerequisite for the success of an installation that, as it goes through time, will make many... happy tasters.
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Layout examples

L'Atelier du vin

Wine Cabinets

L'Atelier du vin


L'Atelier du vin

Private individuals

L'Atelier du vin

3D rendering

L'Atelier du vin

Hotels & Restaurants

L'Atelier du Vin

Wineries and Castles