L’Atelier du Vin and Paris Society: the art of entertaining

The French art de vivre is distinguished by a timeless elegance. It evokes a sense of conviviality and refinement, where every detail is carefully considered to offer a memorable experience – and it’s this very essence that L’Atelier du Vin and Paris Society have sought to capture and amplify through a fascinating collaboration. By combining their own respective expertise, these two prestigious institutions celebrate the art of entertaining French-style, where quality produce meets excellent service.

Paris Society: exceptional venues in the heart of Paris

Paris Society’s exceptional venues in the heart of the French capital embody Parisian elegance. With their breath-taking views over the City of Light, Paris Society’s Parisian terraces are reminiscent of the vast expanses of French vineyards. Like the hillsides of Champagne or the rolling landscapes of Bordeaux, these terraces are havens of tranquillity and beauty that invite reflection and nurture a desire to savour.

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The collaboration between L’Atelier du Vin and Paris Society has created an exceptional range of products, incorporating artisanal know-how and a shared passion for the art de vivre.

Gigi customers can enjoy the Nomad kit, a cheerful, colourful case designed to protect the Soft Machine® Dandy corkscrew inside.

Meanwhile, at L’Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay, L’Atelier du Vin’s exclusive pouches sheath their iconic wine tools, refined symbols of French heritage. Other prestigious brands have also collaborated with Paris Society, names such as Christofle and Duvelleroy, have each contributed their own inspiration and touch of elegance. L’Atelier du Vin is proud to join this circle of exclusive partners, reinforcing our shared ideals of celebrating excellence and the French art of entertaining.

Gigi, a mecca for Italian art de vivre

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In the heart of the French Riviera, Gigi Rigolatto embodies the very essence of Italian art de vivre. As soon as you walk through its doors, a subtle atmosphere envelops you, instantly transporting you to picturesque Italy. The flamboyant, colourful décor, with its Mediterranean blue and sunny yellow hues, is a vibrant tribute to Italian elegance. Every detail has been meticulously chosen to reflect the joie de vivre that lies at the heart of Italian culture.

Initially conceived as a beach house, Gigi Saint-Tropez effortlessly blends the authentic flavours of Italy with the magical ambience of the Côte d’Azur. With a focus on sophisticated simplicity, Gigi cordially invites you to celebrate la dolce vita!

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At the heart of the collaboration between Gigi and L’Atelier du Vin is a shared passion for excellence and savoir-faire. The two brands join forces to celebrate Italy and its inimitable joy for life.

Gigi, with its authentic flavours and playful atmosphere, becomes the ideal stage for presenting the Nomad x Gigi leather case. This exclusive creation, available at Gigi restaurants, is both a tribute to artisan tradition and an invitation to travel.

The Nomad x Gigi case

The Nomad case design truly stands out, effortlessly evoking the Italian dolce vita. The bright, harmonious hues symbolise the sunny landscapes of Italy and inspire conviviality and travel.

Each Nomad case is the result of exceptional know-how, a true emblem of French craftsmanship. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and made from high-quality materials, it reflects the excellence and refinement that characterise L’Atelier du Vin products.

The case is made from leather, selected for its suppleness and resistance, while the sturdy stitching ensures an impeccable finish.

The corkscrew included in the kit is the Soft Machine® Dandy, a masterpiece of precision and design. Made from stainless steel, it is both robust and elegant. Its ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip and ensures effortless cork extraction. The brass finish adds a touch of refinement, making this tool a must-have for every wine lover.

The Nomad case is designed to protect your accessories as you visit the world’s vineyards. Whether you’re exploring the hills of Tuscany, the vineyards of Bordeaux or the wine valleys of California, the case protects your precious wine accessories, making it the ideal companion for anyone wishing to combine the pleasure of wine with a passion for travel.

L’abbaye des Vaux de Cernay, a lush, green setting steeped in tradition

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Just an hour from Paris, L’Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay stands majestically in unspoilt countryside, offering a haven of peace and serenity. This enchanting site, once renovated by the Rothschild family and now reinvented by Paris Society, is a veritable playground, where the charm of a family home blends with the elegance of its legacy.

With its centuries-old walls and leafy gardens, the abbey provides a peaceful space to recharge and to reconnect with the natural world. Every stone, every nook and every cranny exudes authenticity and warmth, reminiscent of cosy moments spent by the fire. The architecture, subtly revisited by Cordelia de Castellane, is both formal and quirky, allowing the past to meet the present with a timeless elegance.

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To remember this luxurious journey into the countryside, L’Atelier du Vin has combined with L’Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay to offer visitors a refined souvenir. Two exceptional pouches have been specially created, each containing an emblematic corkscrew:

  • Oeno Motion Nomad: This elegant genuine leather case contains a sturdy corkscrew made from solid wood and chromed metal, ensuring smooth, precise bottle opening. This vertical-lever corkscrew is an emblematic wine accessory from L’Atelier du Vin that’s been constantly improved over the years.
  • Soft Machine Nomad: The Soft Machine® extracts corks in a single movement thanks to its unique rack-and-pinion system. Conceived and designed by L’Atelier du Vin, this bottle opener integrates a cap-cutting blade and a bottle opener in the handle and claw.

Handmade from full-grain leather in Italy, these pouches combine beauty and durability. Their colour is natural and timeless, and complements the steel of the tools and the gold eyelet detailing.

The artistic union between L’Atelier du Vin and Paris Society

The collaboration between L’Atelier du Vin and Paris Society embodies a true artistic union. The coming together of these two prestigious houses, each renowned for its excellence and expertise, has given birth to unique creations that celebrate the French art of living.

Our sincere thanks to the Paris Society team for this exceptional collaboration. This synergy promises unforgettable new experiences for lovers of wine and the art of living.


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