The Nomad Collection, Timeless Wine Tool Cases (Limited Edition)

Discover L’Atelier du Vin’s Nomad collection, genuine leather wine tool kits to keep your accessories safe and accompany you to vineyards around the world. The sturdy, custom-made cases, handcrafted in Italy, perfectly encase your corkscrews, foil cutters, pourers, pliers and champagne corks. The Nomad collection is a limited edition, so each model is unique.

Sturdy and Well-Crafted: Genuine Leather Wine Tool Cases, Handmade in Italy

The Nomad collection is a travelling companion for your oenology accessories, to share the art of living wine, wherever you may be. The promise of sumptuous wine tasting, in accordance with rituals, no matter the location.

Once unfolded, the Nomad leather case reveals a range of wine tools, ready to serve their purpose, whether on a wine cellar counter, a table, a craftsman’s workbench, or a rock in the middle of nature.

L’Atelier du Vin’s bottle opening kits, masterpieces of Italian savoir-faire, are a must-have for any wine explorer, to slip into your luggage or into your oenology tool drawer.

Genuine Leather to Protect your Wine Accessories

What a noble material genuine leather is! This thick, protective hide is both supple and robust, handcrafted by our Italian design partners and artisans with a passion for quality and attention to detail.

The exterior unworked fawn leather is designed to stand the test of time, travel the world’s vineyards, and protect your wine tools from dust, bad weather, knocks and falls.

The superb smooth, coloured leather on the inside is embellished with a handsewn finish, to create surprise and wonder upon unveiling your wine accessories.

A Minimal and Functional Design by Margherita Matticari

The Nomad collection lies at the crossroads between a traditional craftsman’s tool kit and an elegant leather travel pouch. Our wine tool cases stand out for their practical yet simple design, as pleasing to the eye as to the touch.

Under the artistic direction of designer Margherita Matticari, the concept of “functional minimalism” is beautifully translated into raw materials, thanks to the unique know-how of Italian craftsmanship, to reach that pure simplicity where beauty and function become one, a timeless mark of refinement.

Our hand-crafted corkscrew cases carefully protect your wine accessories, while remaining easy to store and transport, to honour fine red or white wines and champagne.

Each bottle opener perfectly fits inside, securely held in place by a strap, until the next bottle is opened.

The Nomad Collection Wine Tool Kits

The Nomad collection is a limited edition, so don’t tarry if you would like your very own wine tool case, or to gift one to someone you love. The kits include several of L’Atelier du Vin’s finest corkscrews, while the Oeno Nomad collection brings together all the accessories required to taste a red, white or sparkling wine, or vintage champagne.

Oeno Motion Nomad

Enclosed beneath the thick leather, lies the chromed metal Oeno Motion Wood & Chrome vertical lever corkscrew, with its solid walnut handle. An intuitive and easy-to-use wine tool, designed to stand the test of time and open any cork with the push of a lever. Like an iron fist in a velvet glove, it fits perfectly into the Oeno Motion Nomad case, which provides extra protection in all circumstances.

Soft Machine Nomad

With its straight and sleek lines, the genuine leather Soft Machine Nomad case embraces the sumptuous curves of the Soft Machine Dandy corkscrew. Adorned with acetate and brass, this beautiful bottle opener operates with a natural charm, showcased in this hand-finished pouch.

Bilame Nomad

The Bilame Nomad, reminiscent of a winegrower’s knife sheath, perfectly embraces the original form of this legendary corkscrew, patented by L’Atelier du Vin. With the ability to extract and place the cork back in the neck without ever piercing it, this twin blade is perfect for opening exceptional vintages and fine wines with a fragile cork, before being carefully returned to its case.

Oeno Collection Nomad

The Oeno Collection Nomad wine tool kit is home to an oenological treasure trove:

6 sections have been carefully handsewn into one piece of genuine leather, with tailor-made fastening straps and snap buttons to securely store each wine accessory. The Oeno Collection Nomad wine kit brings to mind a craftsman’s apron with a pocket for each working tool. A wine toolbox and pouch designed for travelling wine lovers and, above all, collectors.

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