Nomad Collection for Paul Smith: A Limited Edition Inspired by an Iconic Fashion Designer

© Marie Lukasiewicz

A unique collaboration. A handcrafted design. An authentic and independent creation. L’Atelier du Vin presents a new wine kit in the Nomad Collection, specially designed for Paul Smith. This limited edition includes two exceptional wine tools, inspired by the emblematic British fashion designer’s colours.


The Soft Machine and Oeno Motion Nomad for Paul Smith, enclosed in Italian handstitched genuine leather cases, reflect L’Atelier du Vin’s French savoir-faire and transcend borders and conventions. A special edition, exclusively available in the British stylist’s fashion and design stores!

A Creative Collaboration for the Love of Style, Wine and Life

The Nomad Collection limited edition is the fruit of an artistic encounter. L’Atelier du Vin and Paul Smith, two brands focusing on design and craftsmanship, share the same values of authenticity and bold creativity, as well as an unconditional passion for elegance and ergonomics.

Our inspired designers and master craftspeople boast the same unwavering commitment to quality and a sharp eye for detail that reveals the full personality of each of our original creations.

© Marie Lukasiewicz

This unique collaboration, at the crossroads of oenology and fashion, is the fruit of a rich dialogue between the great British fashion designer and L’Atelier du Vin’s creative studios, and our design partner Margherita Matticari.

Travel Nomad for Paul Smith Wine Kits

The premium white box, featuring the double L’Atelier du Vin for Paul Smith signature, is embellished with a delicate finish reminiscent of a high-quality canvas, as though enclosing a work of art.

© Marie Lukasiewicz

The travel kit’s exterior, in genuine leather, handstitched in Italy, is an invitation to admire and touch. The same inscription is embossed on the thick, protective case, in honour of an unprecedented collaboration.

© Marie Lukasiewicz

Collectible Corkscrews of Unrivalled Quality

Bright colours. High-end materials. Harmonious lines. Beneath the soft cases, in a subtle game of textures, shapes and contrasts, lies a precious collector’s corkscrew. The Nomad for Paul Smith bottle openers will delight connoisseurs, wine and design lovers and collectors of rare wine tools.


They are as beautiful to look at as they are to handle. L’Atelier du Vin’s wine tools have been extracting corks with unparalleled efficiency since 1926. Take them with you around the world in their travel cases, or gift them to someone who will care for them as a wonderful memory of France, England and Italy.

Soft Machine Nomad for Paul Smith

Every wine-tasting session begins by opening up your oenology kit. The sommelier Soft Machine Dandy corkscrew, with its comma-shaped curve, lies against a bottle-green background, held in place by a sky-blue leather strap and press stud. Its solid stainless steel and brass handle, hand-covered in acetate, reflects the light like wine in a tasting glass.

© Marie Lukasiewicz

The Soft Machine Nomad corkscrew for Paul Smith, with its integrated foil cutter and bottle cap opener, features a unique rack-and-pinion mechanism that enables you to extract the cork in one vertical motion, without twisting the cork. An incredibly elegant bottle opener!

Oeno Motion Nomad for Paul Smith

Much like a vintage grand cru, the Oeno Motion Nomad for Paul Smith corkscrew is a delight for the senses. When displayed on a table, counter or rock in the vineyards, its handcrafted Italian genuine leather case stands out for its smooth, deep red- and purple-coloured interior, inspired by the hues of red wine and grapes. The quality of its finish is worthy of a fine piece of leatherwork.

Collection Paul Smith with L'Atelier du Vin - Lever corkscrew with leather pouch, handmade in Italy

© Marie Lukasiewicz

As a nod to Sir Paul Smith’s multicolour designs, a bright yellow strap holds the Oeno Motion Wood & Chrome lever corkscrew in place. This shiny metal classic bottle opener, considered one of the most reliable in the world, is a gem of French savoir-faire, renowned for its infallible mechanism and excellent grip with a solid wood handle, which can be customised with your initials.

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