L’Atelier du Vin – Interview with Margherita Matticari

How would you define your work?

Margherita Matticari

As the years go by, I think the best way to define what I do is “Designer/Artisan”, because for me, a piece’s form and its materials are inextricably linked. I draw in pencil and on the computer, but I also need my sewing machine to “communicate” with materials such as linen, hemp cloth, cotton, and of course leather.

I have always been inspired by the Bauhaus movement, at the intersection between design, art and artisanship, seamlessly marrying aesthetics with functionality. I believe that there is a fundamental link between artist and artisan. Artists cannot disregard materials, tools and craftsmanship, just as artisans must tap into their own artistic sensibility and creativity. My creation process always begins with a concept—an idea gleaned from an art or photo exhibition, a walk in the countryside, or even a book or swatch of fabric. Next, I start to draw, filtering out the parts I don’t need.

My goal is to get to the essence of the idea. So every last detail in my pieces is the result of painstaking work to balance the proportions between geometric lines, distances and dimensions. You could say that the process from idea to production is a world of its own, defined by three things: creativity, craftsmanship and a vision of what this world represents.

I call myself a “Designer/Artisan” because artisanal production is, for me, the opposite of consumerism and throwaway culture—which is all about buying a lot of cheap, soulless and short-lived items that fill a gap but have no real meaning to them. Through artisanal production, we get to know every stage of the process. Each piece is the result of a multitude of skills, but also a great deal of time and loving craftsmanship. It’s a sensitive, respectful and sustainable kind of production.

The Nomad Collection is the perfect example of this combination of skills and mindset.

As a “Designer/Artisan,” I’m able to get to the heart of each piece. I aim to combine innovative design with artisanal craftsmanship. And I am passionate about creating functional, elegant and timeless pieces that highlight artistry in all its forms, built on a rich alliance of technical, artistic, aesthetic and ethical values. In some ways, each case from the Nomad Collection holds not only the items it was created for, but also the work of real people and expert hands.

Tell us more about the Nomad Collection.

It all began when I met with Georges Richard, who in 2019 became head of L’Atelier du Vin, a family business founded almost a century ago. From his earliest years, Georges was surrounded by design and architecture, a passion that he went on to develop further in his studies, particularly in Italy.

Georges Richard

In 2020, Georges started seeking out talented people from all over the world to join L’Atelier du Vin’s Creation Studio, where they work on R&D and wine tool design. The Studio’s hallmark lies in its selection of noble materials and artisanal production methods. It also draws on innovative technology for certain projects.

Well, it was a match made in heaven for me! Georges and his team gave me the opportunity to express my point of view in leather craftsmanship and take a “haute couture” approach to wine tools.

My work reflects timeless, understated luxury. For me, luxury lies in subtlety. As Coco Chanel said, “Luxury isn’t the opposite of poverty, it’s the opposite of vulgarity.” Luxury stands out for its elegance and attention to the smallest details, since they are often what defines places, objects and people.

The details in the Nomad Collection cases play a hugely important role, simultaneously highlighting their functionality, the L’Atelier du Vin tools they hold, and the leather of each case.

Minimal, sleek lines, high-end, contemporary and artisanal are the key words that shaped my design of the Nomad Collection cases. For this collection, I wanted to marry utility with elegance, and home in on the essence of each piece. So I combined functionality, artisanship and beautiful design centered around simple lines and stylish geometry. Leather craftsmanship and skilled production made my vision of the Nomad Collection complete. These pieces are absolutely timeless and can be handed down from generation to generation. For all these reasons, I see myself as a Leather Designer at L’Atelier du Vin.

Leather is the standout material of the Nomad Collection. What makes it so special for you?

I chose leather because it is a noble, durable and classic material, making it perfect to carry and protect L’Atelier du Vin’s high-end tools. That’s why we singled it out to be the Nomad Collection’s emblematic material.

The L’Atelier du Vin Studio took great care to select and approve the leather workshops it partners with, which pore over the leathers they receive to choose the very best material. And this level of attention to detail can be found throughout the production process from then on, with each step carried out by expert craftspeople who apply the tradition and artisanal skills of their trade to everything they do.

Leather is a sensual material which evolves as time goes on. Stains, scratches and patina are an integral part of how it ages. Differences in shades and color intensity, as well as changes in the material, are to be expected and celebrated in high-quality leather. For example, the leather we’ve used for the outer of all the Nomad Collection cases is renowned for acquiring a beautiful patina over time, becoming darker and softer as the years go by.

Leather is the perfect companion for those who appreciate the finer things in life, from good wine to beautiful objects.

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