Le Printemps x L’Atelier du Vin

Since its creation in 1865, Printemps has never stopped reinventing itself. Anticipating major societal changes, sublimating beauty while favoring more responsible consumption and offering a perpetual sense of surprise.


In 2022, Printemps looks to the future with confidence and celebrates its renewal with boldness. New visual identity, new color codes, new spaces, new services, new concepts… Printemps has chosen L’Atelier du Vin to sign an exclusive “fatto a mano” leather case with a brass corkscrew: The Soft Machine Brass.

Shine with a thousand lights, magnetize the eyes and make its opening movement, in a single gesture, an elegant show.

There is elegance in the Soft Machine Nomad

Elegance of leather and time.
Elegance of the soul of the Soft Machine in a Brass version.
Elegance of the marriage of materials with a thousand reflections: stainless steel and brass.
The rare elegance of handmade and unique pieces.

The travel companions of wine lovers


To be slipped into a luggage, to be used at home, to be offered or to be offered to oneself, L’Atelier du Vin’s toolkits are a promise of a journey where the functional becomes sensual.

Unique pieces, handmade spirit

Each tool kit is made of leather that has acquired a patina with time and travels. The interior of each case is made of resistant technical leather.

Combine the tool with the pleasure

Each wine lover is unique, so is each L’Atelier du Vin toolkit… just like its next owner.

Find the Soft Machine Nomad – Printemps in all Printemps stores and on the retailer’s website.

Limited Edition. 100 units numbered & signed.