À La Belle Étoile, an outdoor culinary and oenological experience

Awaken your 5 senses À La Belle Étoile (literally translated as “under the stars”). Savour intense flavours and immerse yourself into the present moment. Surrender to your desire for the great outdoors, that need to come together in the open air, for a picnic in the middle of nature with fresh regional products and wine. Discover L’Atelier du Vin’s new partner project, an immersive outdoor experience, À La Belle Étoile, to enjoy open-air gastronomy and a new take on oenotourism. credit : Caroline Dejonghe

Immersive Michelin-Starred Dinners and Picnics Alongside Local Producers and Winegrowers

    Join À La Belle Étoile for a deliciously immersive culinary and oenological experience. What to expect? An open-air picnic lunch or a Michelin-starred dinner, at the heart of a region and its heritage. À La Belle Étoile is a nomad table d’hôte, where you can eat, drink and enjoy good company, on a small wine estate, in the gardens of a porcelain factory, or on the leafy terrace of an eco-home. The cuisine is eco-responsible, using the very best local products from farmers’ markets and nearby vineyards. These local producers and winegrowers are also present for the occasion, providing the perfect opportunity for a picnic in nature. credit : Caroline Dejonghe

A Contemporary Return to Nature: Tenaya Santos Da Silva’s Successful Vision

  Following the success of the Epicurean Nights concept in New York, the founder and artistic director Tenaya Santos Da Silva decided to import her contemporary vision of gastronomy and oenotourism to France, with À La Belle Étoile. This wonderful initiative, in partnership with L’Atelier du Vin, is a breath of fresh air, an opportunity to get back to the roots of cooking and wine, as well as the essential human and environmental values that we share. So, join us in the open air with your picnic basket and wine tool kit to share an unforgettable experience surrounded by nature. Afterall, there’s nothing quite like savouring local products on-site and tasting fine wines in their home region.  

French Art de Vivre: in the Open Air, Food and Wine Pair Together Naturally

An impromptu local wine tasting session, an oenotourism trip, opening your favourite fine wine in the middle of nowhere, a wine ritual in nature… Our Nomad Collection wine tool cases are perfect for such rare and sometimes unexpected occasions, where a nice anonymous wine can reveal itself to be a great wine in the making, always where you least expect it. credit : Caroline Dejonghe

The Nomad Collection, for Tasting Fine Wines Outdoors

  Our limited edition genuine leather wine tool cases are handcrafted in Italy. From our complete oenological kit to our individual corkscrew cases, each model in the Nomad Collection is unique… Perfect for collectors! With its thick leather exterior, this artisanal masterpiece will protect your favourite wine tools in all circumstances, whether in your personal wine cellar or on a faraway oenological adventure, indoors or out.