The Wonders of Saint-Amour-Bellevue’s Vineyard and Beaujolais AOC Wines

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Once upon a time, was a village in the Beaujolais whose vineyards, guesthouses, gourmet cuisine, passionate winegrowers and romantic wines drew couples and oenophiles from around the world… L’Atelier du Vin chose the beautiful vineyards of Saint-Amour-Bellevue to reveal its new collection of sommelier and wine tools.

The Village of Saint-Amour-Bellevue

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Nestled in the heights of the Beaujolais region, the village of Saint-Amour-Bellevue stands out for its beauty, bucolic landscapes and rich local products. Not to be confused with Saint-Amour in the Jura, Saint-Amour-Bellevue is a well-hidden village located less than 10km from Mâcon, easily accessible from Paris or Lyon. The village is said to be named after a roman soldier who founded a monastery in the area after converting to Christianity.

The vineyard is the smallest and northernmost Beaujolais AOC, producing 17,500 hectolitres of wine per year from 319 hectares of vines. Its climate and soil is ideal for growing Gamay, an emblematic grape variety in the region. The romantically named village of Saint-Amour attracts oeno-tourists all year round.

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The idyllic village is also home to several restaurants, including the Michelin two-starred Au 14 Février. The chef, Masafumi Hamano, uses local products and Saint-Amour wine in his dishes, such as in his famous “Bresse Maison Quintart pigeon breast, accompanied by a Saint-Amour wine salmis sauce”. The village celebrates fine wine and food all year round, particularly during the region-wide Bienvenue en Beaujonomie festival, or the A la belle étoile dinners held at Ma Chambre à Saint-Amour.

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Every year, on Valentine’s Day, couples flock to Saint-Amour to celebrate their love, get married or renew their wedding vows. All these celebrations around love and wine make it a lively and welcoming village. Movie lovers can also walk in the footsteps of Poelvoorde and Depardieu as the film “Saint-Amour” was shot in the region a few years ago.

Ma Chambre à Saint-Amour, a Charming Bed & Breakfast

Ma Chambre à Saint-Amour, a guest house at the heart of the village with a typical regional décor, is located at the foot of the vineyards. Perched on top of the hill, overlooking the vines, this haven of peace in the calm Saône-et-Loire countryside is the perfect place for a romantic wine tasting holiday.

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The first thing that makes this exception hotel (rated 5 stars on Google) so special, is the stunning view from the garden. The breath-taking 180° vista changes with the seasons, going from red and yellow in autumn, to shades of blue in winter and bright greens in summer before the harvest. Guests at Ma Chambre à Saint-Amour can admire vines as far as the eye can see, as well as Mont Blanc when the sky is clear, at breakfast or in the swimming pool when the weather is good.

The other aspect that sets this beautiful B&B apart is its owners. The house, managed by Laurence Chomienne, has been in the family for 5 generations. Laurence renovated the property to create 5 luxurious double bedrooms. Simply stunning!

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The Domaine de la Pirolette

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The Domaine de la Pirolette, is located just outside the village centre, surrounded by a 15-hectare vineyard. Its grape maturation and wine production process makes the estate, and its wine, unique. The most emblematic plots are divided into three parts, “Le Carjot”, “La Poulette” and “La Pirolette”.

Grégory Barbet, whose family has lived in the Beaujolais region since 1711, took over the estate in 2013 with his sisters and co-owners. Grégory welcomes visitors and enjoys showing them around the vineyards and magnificent cellar. Its powerful yet subtle wine is recognised and sold around the world. We particularly love the La Pirolette magnum!

Saint-Amour Wines

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The Saint-Amour vineyard draws its vitality from rich and complex soils, composed of clay, limestone, granite and bluestone. The micro-climate on the Saint-Amour hillsides provides optimal conditions for traditional winegrowing in the region, making the grapes fresh and soft.

When tasting a Saint-Amour wine, you will notice a floral scent (violet) and aromas of red fruit (raspberry, cherry), black fruit (blackberry) and sometimes spices. These floral, fruity, perfumed and spiced notes elegantly envelop the senses, creating a light and delicious tasting sensation. The wines are light, full-bodied, distinctive or robust, depending on the winemaker’s maceration, fermentation and vinification process.

Young Saint-Amour wines boast the intense aromatic colours of Beaujolais wine. Saint-Amour grand crus are also aged in cellars until they mature, revealing the wine’s full power and depth. The food wine pairings are a delight for tasters.

L’Atelier du Vin in Saint-Amour

L’Atelier du Vin decided to organise an intimate photo shoot of our new collections of wine tools and oenology accessories at the Domaine de la Pirolette and Ma Chambre à Saint-Amour, drawing inspiration from Saint-Amour-Bellevue’s warm and enchanting atmosphere.

Since 1926, from father to son, we have cultivated a passion for making tools to taste, open, serve and preserve wine, alongside winegrowers, cellarmen, sommeliers, oenologists and wine lovers. Here are a few of our most beautiful photos which embody the French art of living wine!

Discover the website of À la belle étoile by clicking here.

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