Oeno Motion Groom

At your service! OENO MOTION GROOM is easily transported and will travel according to your wish: to the center of the table, to your kitchen, or your cellar. Tools inside the Set :


The Oeno Motion Groom is composed of noble materials – blown glass for the globe, walnut wood, treated with the grain, for the base and genuine natural leather for the opening strap.  Inside, presented majestically, are the essential tools for opening great wines and great champagnes.

Its base allows the collection of corks to be exhibited, those that we keep as souvenirs of prestigious or sentimental tastings.

Placed in the center of the table, the Oeno Motion Groom is a nod to the ritual of starred chefs


OENO MOTION GROOM is handmade; each piece is unique and numbered.

Suggested France Price