Choosing 1 wine, 1 champagne and 1 wine gift to give for Valentine’s Day

Love is an art, just like sharing a nice bottle of wine or a delicious glass of champagne. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to get ready for February 14th and prepare an unforgettable date for your Valentine. Are you wondering which bottle of wine to serve at your romantic dinner or which champagne to choose to celebrate love? Are you looking for the perfect gift to treat your partner this Valentine’s Day? Here are our suggestions for the best wines and champagnes to serve for this beautiful occasion, as well as our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for wine lovers for a truly romantic February 14th blessed by the nectar of the gods and Cupid’s arrow.

love is an art, just as living is an art

Erich Frömm, The Art of Loving

Choosing the right wine and champagne for Valentine’s Day

Described by Frömm as “a constant challenge,” love is the most beautiful risk you can take in life. It’s worth taking the plunge—just like the discovery of an exceptional vintage, the divine nectar remaining a mystery until the bottle is opened. If you want to share an extra special moment with your partner on Valentine’s Day, remember, it’s all in the details.


The perfect food and wine pairing will wow your partner and give their taste buds a real treat, while a beautiful bottle of champagne will work magic, sparking your emotions with its delicate bubbles. With February 14th fast approaching, L’Atelier du Vin is presenting a selection of wines and champagnes to serve on Valentine’s Day, plus the perfect wine gift ideas to top off your romantic date.

What is the best wine for Valentine’s Day?

To share good wine is to be reminded that life is beautiful, especially when in love. If you are keen to delve into this world of love and wine, remember, it is important to choose the right vintage for the occasion. If you are planning a romantic dinner for two, make sure to pair the right wines with the right dishes. If you have any doubts, our guide to food and wine pairings will help you make the right selection.


Now that we have covered the basics, here is a selection of our suggestions for Valentine’s Day wines. For this February 14th, we have chosen to highlight a selection of beautiful wines with evocative names that celebrate magical encounters, passionate lovers and being lucky in love.


If you would like to send a message to your loved one but aren’t good at expressing your feelings, make the perfect statement with a bottle of organic Clos des Vins d’Amour wine. Try one of the following Grenache wines from this family estate in the Côtes du Roussillon wine region in the south of France:


  • Make a romantic declaration with Le Béguin (a crush, in French), a smooth and fruity organic red wine, perfect served with lobster, duck or beef bourguignon.


  • Steal a kiss with the aptly named Un Baiser (a kiss, in French), a soft, delicate red wine that pairs perfectly with red meat or a fruity, chocolate dessert.


  • Embrace your playful side and make a bold choice with the fruity and acidic organic rosé wine Flirt, perfect served as an aperitif or with white meat or fish.


  • Highlight your passionate side with a bottle of Idylle, a crisp and floral organic white wine that has a beautiful yellow color with green hues, perfect served with a seafood platter or fish.


  • To add a touch of spice to your relationship—and your libido—try the golden white wine Batifolage (a frolic, in French). With mineral flavors and notes of vanilla, it goes well with shellfish, fish and white meat dishes.


  • Celebrate your good news with a bottle of 1+1=3, a deep red wine that delivers the perfect balance of strength and rounded tannins, ideal for serving with grilled meat, charcuterie and tapas.


If you want to get straight to the point, the Cazaban estate in France’s Aude region has the perfect wine for you: an organic white wine named Coup de Foudre after the thunderbolt that strikes when you fall in love at first sight. Featuring a blend of Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Roussanne and Vermentino grape varieties from the Mediterranean, this crisp and subtle nectar from sun-drenched vineyards reveals a bold, mineral opening that gives way to beautifully rounded fruity notes. It pairs perfectly with fish.


If you are still looking for the right bottle of wine to serve at your Valentine’s Day dinner, we have come up with a list of a few select wines to give you some inspiration:


  • La Passion, a red Cahors wine produced by the Chantelle estate that opens with aromas of toasted bread and caramel and develops into coffee and morello cherry notes on the palate. Enjoy paired with cheese or red meats.


  • L’Attrape-Cœur, a ruby red Gamay wine from Beaujolais produced by the wine-growers of Sain Bel that reveals rounded, generous notes of red berries.


  • Château Lamourette, a vibrant Sauternes with citrus and fruit flavors and a hint of honey that goes perfectly with foie gras or a dessert.


  • Château Vénus Tentation, a formidable biodynamic and environmentally friendly Graves Rouge wine composed of a blend of Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes. With woody aromas, it is both powerful and smooth on the palate.


  • La Rose d’Aimée, a surprising Tavel rosé produced by the Les Grandes Serres estate with an intense pink color with orange hues. Made from a stunning blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Clairette and Bourboulenc grape varieties, it delivers a rich explosion of red berry notes on the palate. Try paired with a spicy, vegetarian dish or fish tartar.

What is the best champagne for Valentine’s Day?

Why does champagne have such a special place in our hearts? The key is in the bubbles—the heavenly effervescence that we associated with life’s moments of joy and the celebrations we share with loved ones. Needless to say, the most famous grand cru champagnes are always a success. But if you would like to wow your partner with something different, L’Atelier du Vin recommends venturing off the beaten track this Valentine’s Day and trying a more unusual bottle of bubbly.


If you are looking for an enchanting bottle of champagne to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your other half, look no further—try a Pierre Moncuit champagne to delight your Valentine and add a sparkle to their eyes. A true gem from the Côte des Blancs champagne-growing subregion, the Hugues de Coulmet Blanc de Blancs cuvée is an unforgettable experience and a joy to taste. Its fine bubbles make it an airy, delicate nectar with floral and fruity flavors that are perfectly balanced by its beautiful mineral hues.



Edouard Brun invites you to look at the world through rose-tinted lenses with a half-bottle of Brun de Folie rosé champagne, the ideal mini format for celebrating those romantic, intimate moments with your partner. Light and well-balanced, its sweet nose with fruity aromas goes perfectly with foie gras or fruity desserts.


If you have more traditional tastes and want to pull out all the stops, a stunning bottle of Amour de Deutz champagne will be sure to wow your soul mate as you take or renew your wedding vows. Each cuvée in this collection is presented in an exceptional gift box that houses a truly beautiful bottle.


If you have decided which wine and champagne to choose for February 14th, you can now move on to the last step and pick out a romantic Valentine’s Day gift!

Valentine’s Day gifts for wine lovers

Of course, the person you love deserves your attention every day of the year, but Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your love—as long as you don’t forget it—and your efforts are sure to be appreciated. So, what Valentine’s Day gift will you give your other half? Have you thought about giving your Valentine a stunning wine accessory?

Our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for wine lovers

This year, give your date a fun and practical gift with a beautiful wine tool, the perfect accompaniment to the vintage that you’ll enjoy together on February 14th. A romantic wine gift idea will remind your partner of the special moments you have shared, making each new wine tasting an opportunity to rekindle your romance.

5 wine accessories to give on February 14th

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have selected 5 wine gift ideas for wine lovers to give you some inspiration. If your other half is a sommelier at heart with a passion for wine, a gift from our collection of wine accessories will be sure to impress. Choose from our selection of corkscrews, wine tasting glasses, wine decanters, stoppers and wine preservation systems, aerators and pourers and coolers, as well as our accessories for storing and presenting your bottles and wine glasses, among other products.

A boxed set of wine tools by L’Atelier du Vin

If your Valentine appreciates good wine, a beautiful boxed wine tool set from L’Atelier de Vin’s collections makes the perfect gift for someone passionate about the art of the sommelier and the secrets of keeping a wine cellar. From our corkscrew collection set to our waiter’s toolbox and wine accessory set, our master craftsmen have crafted a range of exquisite box sets in different sizes, for different uses and for all budgets to please any wine enthusiast. If you think this gift is for your Valentine, take the plunge and you’ll be sure to delight them!

A customized wine tool, engraved with their initials

If you are looking for a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift, give the person you love a personalized wine accessory! Our customization service enables you to engrave the initials of your choice on a wide range of our wine and champagne accessories. Explore our range of customizable wine tools and choose an original Valentine’s Day gift that your partner can keep for a lifetime, as a reminder of the sweet February 14th you have spent together.


An original Valentine’s Day gift for a champagne lover

Give your loved one an elegant champagne accessory this Valentine’s Day to celebrate your sparkling evening and create a memento of the romantic moments you have shared.


A Timbale champagne bucket

Our Timbale ice bucket is a must-have gift for any fans of fine bubbly looking to keep their champagne cool. With a luxurious design that is both sleek and understated, it will give your romantic evening a touch of charm for that extra-special ambiance. The bucket’s lid can be turned upside down to transform into a saucer to serve your aperitif and whet your appetite. With an elegant handle in metal and wood, this stunning champagne bucket can be carried with ease.


Good Size champagne tasting flutes

To celebrate love in style this Valentine’s Day, a real champagne tasting deserves real champagne flutes. Our Good Size flutes for sparkling wines crafted from blown crystal glass are designed to optimize your olfactory and gustatory enjoyment, thanks to their unique design featuring a wider base that narrows to a tightened rim. Available in sets of 2, our champagne flutes always make the perfect gift—they are something that’s often missing at home, from a lack of supplies or the fact that they’ve been broken.


L’Atelier du Vin’s champagne cork opener

If you would like to open a bottle of champagne without worrying about hitting the ceiling, a champagne cork opener provides a safe and easy way to open your bubbly, retaining the cork in its cap. Featuring an exceptional grip, the cork opener has an elegant silhouette that makes it both stylish and secure. Practical and compact, this champagne tool makes an original gift that will show your Valentine how much you care.


The Gard’Bulles champagne stopper

If you enjoyed your date on Valentine’s Day and don’t want the pleasure to end, our Gard’Bulles champagne and sparkling wine stopper will give you a chance to continue the romance the next day. Once the stopper’s mechanism is engaged on the neck, your bottle is hermetically sealed to preserve all the sparkle of your favorite champagne. Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy a wonderful tasting with your Valentine!