Oeno Motion Trésor

Oeno Motion Trésor is a unique gift. At first glance, it appears to be a mysterious wooden box, lacquered in a subtle red. Its fine high-definition laser engravings evoke the modern aesthetics of an antique chest. To the expert eye, L'Atelier du Vin stamp reveals the mark of a precious oenology jewelry case.


Secure and comfortable grip. Fits most of the existing bottle necks. Integrated foil cutter. Alloy, solid walnut and synthetic materials. Design patent.

Suggested France Price

Upon opening the box, a sudden wave of emotion emanates from within, as the centerpiece is unveiled. There, gently nestled inside, lies an authentic lever corkscrew from the classic “Oeno Motion” collection, ready to open exceptional bottles.

Each instrument is unique. Handcrafted in its entirety, revealing a superb satin patina, this intuitive tool beckons to be handled for the duration of a wine ritual. The curved lever, covered in solid walnut, perfectly embraces the ergonomics of the opening mechanism, particularly appreciated by oenologists and sommeliers.

Once the neck has been bared using the foil cutter built into the powerful jaws, its steel spiral plunges down into the soft cork and extracts it with ease and precision. An oenological gesture par excellence, perfectly executed in a steady, fast and smooth movement.

When returning the Oeno Motion corkscrew to its box, you may notice an indentation inside the lid. A space to store all your precious wine tasting treasures – great vintage labels, handwritten notes, photo memories, magazine clippings, unforgettable business cards…

A rare collector’s item, the Oeno Motion Trésor’s lever can be personalized with your recipient’s initials, thus bearing your signature for life.