Oeno Motion, the Ultimate Corkscrew

lever corkscrew silver wood satin black

L’Atelier du Vin’s iconic Oeno Motion is the corkscrew of a lifetime. This sturdy and elegant sommelier’s tool has been a reference in the world of wine for more than 15 years.

Oeno Motion is unanimously recognized as the most reliable lever-operated bottle opener available. Today, many wine professionals and expert oenophiles regard it as one of the best corkscrews in the world.

Probably the best corkscrew in the world

Oeno Motion is an exceptional corkscrew, the quintessence of L’Atelier du Vin’s French savoir-faire. With its foolproof mechanism, this bottle opener stands out first and foremost for its aesthetics, sparking an irresistible urge to hold it and open a fine bottle of wine.

Oeno Motion is spectacular in action. Each extraction is a beautiful and special moment. Why not customize it with your name and treasure it in the collector’s case along with your favorite tasting memories?

An exceptional tool with a foolproof mechanism

Oeno Motion can open any bottle of wine. Each part of its mechanism has been studied, tested, reinforced, and perfected to achieve the highest level of robustness and performance.

Its sharp jaws are adapted to a wide range of neck diameters and provide a perfect grip. The corkscrew also includes a foil cutter to remove the wine bottle’s capsule in one simple circular motion. The spiral worm is strengthened with Teflon. Its sharp point plunges into the cork like a butter knife.

As the vertical lever embraces the shape of your hand, the powerful gears pull the metal spiral and cork out of the bottle, exerting pressure so you don’t have to. Your perfectly executed oenological ritual is thus complete.

An object of desire

The Oeno Motion is harmonious, intuitive, and perfectly proportionate. Its magnetic charm reflects the spirit and mystery of wine growing.

This superb sommelier’s accessory will enhance your wine-tasting experience, whether an exceptional vintage or a bottle aged in your wine cellar. Oeno Motion is always ready for use, displayed on a tasting table, in a cabinet, or on a coffee table.

Carefully designed ergonomics

Once positioned on the neck, the corkscrew is perfectly steady. Its alloy body was specially created by our designers and engineers to offer an ideal weight and balance ratio.

Oeno Motion guides and accompanies each of your movements from beginning to end, with an optimal distribution of forces, so that it never slips out of your hands.

Its incomparable ergonomics and reliability when extracting corks have forged its reputation among wine professionals and enthusiasts around the world. Sommeliers, oenologists, wine growers, and merchants alike appreciate and use it on a daily basis.

An enjoyable experience

Oeno Motion is remarkably easy to use, opening bottles so swiftly and smoothly that you’ll want to do it again and again. It transforms the opening ceremony into a truly enjoyable experience.

This prestigious corkscrew creates a feeling of great satisfaction as the worm pierces the cork and gently guides it out of the bottle, preparing your nose and palate for an explosion of flavors before you’ve even tasted the wine.

A sustainable and eco-friendly bottle opener

Each part of L’Atelier du Vin’s rare sommelier tool is made with high-quality, sustainable materials, guaranteeing its longevity. Oeno Motion also comes with a spare steel worm so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

We are a socially and environmentally responsible French manufacturer. Oeno Motion is a robust, fixable, and eco-friendly bottle opener and our repair team, made up of experts, is available in the rare event that you may need assistance following an incident or unforeseen issue.

A unique and personal gift

You can customize Oeno Motion with your initials or family crest to make it your personal corkscrew. Enjoy a lifetime of memorable tasting sessions, explore vineyards and aromas, experience beautiful wine encounters, and make great memories.

Oeno Motion comes in several styles, with a choice of finishings and collector’s cases, dedicated to the art of living wine for you or as a gift.

L’Atelier du Vin’s Oeno Motion Collection

Nestled in a collector’s case, fastened in a real leather pouch, tucked away in a tasting box, hidden in a contemporary sculpture… The prestigious Oeno Motion collection comes in all shapes and sizes. Simply choose the right one for you to enhance your oeno-tasting experience.

Oeno Motion Wood & Chrome

Oeno Motion Wood&Chrome tire bouchon à levier

Oeno Motion Wood & Chrome has a beautiful metal chrome finish. This professional bottle opener sparkles when the sun hits it and makes opening wine bottles as easy as can be.

Oeno Motion Wood & Black

Oeno Motion Wood&Black tire bouchon à levier

Oeno Motion Wood & Black is discreet and charismatic. This corkscrew combines high-quality materials and dark colors, appearing out of the shadows of French wine cellars to enhance the finest tasting sessions.

Oeno Motion Collector

Oeno Motion Collector is an authentic collector’s corkscrew. Made by a master tabletier, this wooden walnut case was inspired by a toolkit: it includes a section for wine corks, as well as labels, notes, and photos. The luxury corkscrew comes in a Wood & Chrome finish.

Oeno Motion Trésor

Oeno Motion Trésor - tire bouchon à levier dans son coffret en bois rouge

Oeno Motion Trésor is a symbol of elegance and poetry. Its red-lacquered box sparks the imagination and brings to mind rare objects and old books. This handcrafted bottle opener has a satin patina which gives it a soft appearance and texture. You can also treasure your tasting notes and vineyard maps in the memory box.

Oeno Motion Nomad

Oeno Motion Nomad collection accessoires vin

Oeno Motion Nomad breathes new life into an artisan traveler’s toolkit. This protective case, in raw fawn leather on the outside and colored leather on the inside, demonstrates the incomparable quality of Italian handicraft. Take your corkscrew wherever you go, to open a fine bottle in a French vineyard or discover the world’s greatest wines.

Oeno Motion Gold Nomad

Tire bouchon à levier gold dans sa trousse en cuir

The Oeno Motion Gold Nomad is nestled inside a mysterious oenology case, tailor-made by an Italian master tanner. The gold-amber French corkscrew has a carefully hand-burnished metal finish. The bottle opener, renowned the world over for its beauty and effectiveness in all situations, is protected by rough black leather.

Oeno Motion Geometry

Oeno Motion Geometry is a masterpiece of design. The case, created by Margherita Matticari, is a geometrical sculpture that slides open like a secret door to reveal an unexpected treasure: a collector’s corkscrew. This sumptuous French bottle opener will delight artists, wine lovers, and design enthusiasts alike.


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