L’Atelier du Vin ®: A Powerful, Recognised and Protected Brand

From unique numbered pieces to personalised collector’s items, each of our wine accessories has been carefully designed and crafted, carrying a family history, a savoir-faire craftsmanship rooted in the world of wine, and a precious piece of our oenological heritage.

An inimitable hallmark of French excellence since 1926, L’Atelier du Vin ® is now a powerful and globally recognised brand, protected by our international intellectual and industrial protection policy.

For our customers and ambassador partners, this label of authenticity is a guarantee of high quality that we work together to preserve so that the art of enjoying fine wine – the French way – endures.

L’Atelier du Vin ®, the hallmark of French oenological accessories

Sanbri ®, which has been creating wine accessories since 1926, has become a benchmark in France. This resounding success has continued with the international expansion of a French brand of excellence: L’Atelier du Vin ®.

From father to son, our brand honours a century of passion and innovation dedicated to oenophiles and connoisseurs. Today, we are the only French company that specialises entirely in the creation of oenological accessories, having mastered the entire process from design to manufacture. Our craftsmanship is unique.

A benchmark brand with international reach

Having gained global renown, our original collections are now sold across 5 continents in over 1,500 physical retail outlets, including prestigious international retail chains. We are investing in our brand image and presence across the Atlantic through our subsidiary in the United States.


You will also have the pleasure of discovering our oenological creations on our ambassador partners’ online shops, available in many countries. As the worldwide benchmark brand of French wine accessories, L’Atelier du Vin ® is an inimitable hallmark, and we are actively ensuring it remains as such.

Our L’Atelier du Vin ® brand protection policy

We have adopted a strong brand protection policy to guarantee our global partners and customers the authenticity and high-quality manufacture of our products.

In particular, we are ensuring the protection of the L’Atelier du Vin ® name, as well as all our registered trademarks, registered product names and patented designs resulting from our Research and Development.

Our registered and protected international trademarks

In legal terms, registering a trademark with the relevant authorities is an essential step in protecting the trade name of a company or product, both in France and internationally. The applicant will then acquire the intellectual property and a monopoly on the use of the registered trademark for a given period and territory, on a certain range of products or services corresponding to its business sector. It is therefore strictly forbidden for third parties to use this same name in an infringing or confusing manner, particularly for commercial purposes, or they will be subject to legal action.

Consequently, in terms of Intellectual Property Law, L’Atelier du Vin ® has taken all the necessary steps to acquire a high level of protection.

As a matter of fact, our products are protected by patents, in addition to our registered trademarks and associated copyrights. As such, we constantly monitor third-party trademark registrations that could infringe our brand name, particularly infringement in the wine market, wine-tasting accessories or other related services.


Oeno Motion ® corkscrews, Gard’Vin On/Off ® vacuum pump and wine stoppers, L’Exploreur ® tasting glasses, Soft Machine ® bottle openers, Oeno Collection ® oenology toolboxes, Chef Sommelier ® corkscrews, Bubble Indicator ® wine stoppers and many other original brand names or products have been registered by us and are exclusively our intellectual property.

Ensuring our intellectual property to protect our customers and partners

Within our range of products and at the heart of each country that we are marketed in, we are supported by intellectual and industrial property legal experts to achieve the aim of actively protecting L’Atelier du Vin ® on an international scale. Our American subsidiary also contributes to consolidating the protection strategy of our tangible and intangible assets in a globalised and competitive market. As a result, when faced with inappropriate or fraudulent uses, we have taken the appropriate steps to win the case.

We are therefore committed to protecting our customers and partners from products of lesser quality that could be counterfeits, imitations, or bearing identical trademarks which could lead to confusion over the origin of purchased products and their characteristics. As a result, we regularly act against dishonest third parties with the help of our Intellectual Property consultants and law enforcement agencies. Our partners also take part in this constant monitoring by alerting us to any fraudulent use or unfair competition that is detected.

Likewise, on the Internet – as stated in our general terms and conditions of use and sales – the entirety of our website content and our communication mediums, starting with our domain names and URLs, is our exclusive property and so protected by intellectual property laws. It is therefore strictly forbidden to copy or use them without our prior agreement.

Protecting our intellectual property by registering patents

One of our brand’s secrets to its longevity is our constant investment in Research and Development. For several generations, L’Atelier du Vin ® has placed great importance on the innovative quality of its wine-tasting and preservation tools. Our designers, engineers and craftsmen boldly take on new aesthetic, technical and ergonomic challenges. Refining, reinforcing, perfecting, redefining: we are constantly exploring shapes, materials, movement and ideas, in a way that rethinks oenological tradition with each L’Atelier du Vin ® invention.

Since 1926, we have been proud to continue to innovate with many patent models in the highly demanding oenological industry. From the design and composition of each part working with other mechanical elements, our patents enable us to protect the industrial property of our technical innovations to reward our team’s years of research and work, which is dedicated to wine lovers.

The L’Atelier du Vin ® brand, promising trust and French quality

For connoisseurs, winemakers, sommeliers, wine merchants, and collectors, L’Atelier du Vin ® is a guarantee of very high quality and is a globally recognised trademark: a benchmark brand for French wine accessories. We take great care to ensure we never betray the trust the public and our partners have in our century-old expertise, which is why our global brand protection policy is essential.

Explore our wine accessory collections to discover our latest creations! If you would like to become a L’Atelier du Vin ® brand Ambassador, please get in touch.

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