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Bubbles Celebration - Le Duo

Bubbles Celebration champagne flutes design

Our Bubbles Celebration flutes take the champagne experience to all-new horizons. Box sold without bottle.  (More information)

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Monica Guggisberg & Philip Baldwin have brought a signature vision to this joyful and colorful collection. Let it sparkle!


Each Champagne Glass Is Unique

Each Bubbles Celebration champagne flute is unique, numbered and hand-blown by an artisan glassmaker. These bold, collector’s stemmed glasses bring out the champagne’s fine bubbles with a touch of poetry, much to the taster’s delight.

The traditional champagne glass’ tulip-shaped bowl leaves way to straight lines, and a minimal, sharp geometric cone. The flat circular foot becomes a transparent and colourful glass bubble-shaped sphere. Visually, the result is extraordinary, akin to a renaissance in a body of light.

With its euphoric lightness and touch of folly, this duo of champagne glasses is an authentic masterpiece of conceptual design, perfectly executed in glassware to create an effervescent tasting experience. The flutes, designed by two artists, turn the art of tableware upside down, while retaining what matters most – bringing people together. With toasts and laughter!


Two Glassmakers’ Creations in an Elegant Case

Each sparkling wine tasting glass is carefully packed alongside its crystal alter ego, an exceptional champagne glass of equal and optimal capacity. Each of the two blown glass flutes is perfectly positioned in an elegant and environmentally friendly Bubbles Celebration – Le Duo sliding drawer box.

The colours of these numbered collector’s stemmed glasses come as a surprise to whomever first opens the L’Atelier du Vin box, whether a gift for yourself or others. Drinking champagne in these miraculous chalices takes on a whole new meaning and turns every sip into a celebration of life.


From Small Joy-Filled Moments to Special Occasions

So, what are you waiting for? The Bubbles Celebration – Le Duo sparkling wine glasses are the perfect excuse to pop open a fine bottle of bubbly. Whether for drinks with friends, a Christmas meal, a romantic dinner or a surprise party, these beautiful and joyful glasses create magical moments.


These rare champagne flutes will inevitably become your go-to tasting glasses, to enjoy a regional sparkling grand cru or share a vintage champagne with connoisseurs.

For a complete champagne-tasting experience, why not use these elegant glasses alongside L’Atelier du Vin’s signature La Timbale champagne bucket and Sparkling Set, including a cork opener and stopper to preserve every last bubble.


Mouth-blown Collection in accordance with the designers’ strict specifications.
Hand wash only with a suitable, non-abrasive cloth.
Elegant gift box with sliding drawer, designed to hold a bottle of your chosen champagne along with flutes.
Box is sold without a bottle.

Capacity: 20cl
Height: 20cm
Diameter: 7cm


Each piece is unique and numbered.
Pigmented glass.

Colors: Royal blue, Chardonnay green, Champagne pink.