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Bubbles Celebration - La Collection

Set of 8 champagne flutes design

Our Bubbles Celebration flutes redefine the traditional world of Champagne, offering a new tasting perspective.  (More information)

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Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin reimagine the classic flute

Internationally renowned designer-artists Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin have worked together for 40 years, creating unique pieces of art that convey a harmony between body and soul. They express themselves primarily through the medium of glass, which has become a distinctive symbol of their work. 


Unique Champagne flutes for all occasions

The Bubbles Celebration case is an elegant showpiece for eight exceptional pieces of glassware. Each Champagne flute tells a unique story, a tale of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Handcrafted with precision and expertise, these exceptional pieces reflect the beauty and complexity of glassmaking. Each Bubbles Celebration Champagne flute is mouth-blown by a master glassmaker – each flute is unique, with an individual serial number reflecting its exceptionality.

The classic Champagne flute undergoes a metamorphosis under this new creative interpretation with the traditional tulip-shaped silhouette giving way to a more direct, modern form – a slender, minimalist cone. The traditional flat stem is transformed into a captivating sphere, reminiscent of a Champagne bubble, crafted in transparent, delicately coloured glass. 

Presented in a stylish case, the Bubbles Celebration Champagne flutes are not only a testament to the craft of glassmaking, but a bridge between tradition and innovation, between craftsmanship and art. The sublime colour palette chosen for the flutes is both subtle and sophisticated, with a range of eight delicate shades. 


A collection of eight flutes presented in an elegant, prestigious case

The Bubbles Celebration case is more than just a collection – it represents glassmaking genius, a captivating insight on the world of the “art of the table”, where attention to detail is vital.

A veritable showcase of refinement, the case elegantly unveils eight Champagne flutes, carefully arranged to showcase their uniqueness and beauty. Ideal for collectors or as an exceptional gift, the set embodies the art of glassmaking and a passion for design, promising to make every toast an unforgettable moment.


Good to know

Champagne flutes, characterised by their long, narrow shape, are designed to prolong the effervescence of Champagne and accentuate its aroma. Their elongated form helps retain bubbles longer and concentrates the delicate aromas at the top of the glass, intensifying the olfactory experience just before tasting. 

Champagne glasses, or coupes, on the other hand, are wide and shallow. They allow Champagne to breathe more rapidly, releasing aromas but also dissipating bubbles at a faster rate. They are ideal for Champagne-based cocktails, but purists choose flutes to enjoy high-quality Champagne.


Mouth-blown Collection in accordance with the designers’ strict specifications.
Hand wash only with a suitable, non-abrasive cloth.
Elegant gift box with sliding drawer – 2 interior levels, each with 4 flutes

Capacity: 20cl
Height: 20cm
Diameter: 7cm


Each piece is unique and has its own serial number.

Pigmented glass.

Palette of 8 subtle colours – trimmed in 2 shades of blue.