Our expert wood craftsmanship

For nearly a century, L’Atelier du Vin has designed and manufactured all the tools required for the art of living wine. We work with expert French craftsmen, known as “tabletiers”, who specialise in the production of small, fine objects and who excel in the art of handcrafting solid wood. Their French savoir-faire is unique in the world.

Our Master Craftsmen’s Traditional Art

Tabletterie” is an ancient artform, dating back to Ancient times when the first writing tablets were invented. Today’s master “tabletiers” draw on this ancestral tradition and set themselves apart from carpenters or cabinetmakers, by exclusively handcrafting small and elegant objects out of wood. Their craft is similar to that of fine treenware makers.

They use their knowledge of wood and unparalleled technical know-how to handcraft unique pieces, such as precious chest sets, custom travel chests, jewellery boxes or luxury watch cases.

L’Atelier du Vin is proud to perpetuate this ancient savoir-faire by entrusting our woodwork to these master “tabletier” craftsmen, of whom there are only a few still active in France today. This unique know-how provides our wine tool cases with an exceptional quality of manufacturing and finishing.

A Well Thought-Out and Eco-Responsible Design Method

Our master “tabletiers” only select wood species from sustainably managed forests, in accordance with our eco-responsible approach. This local, environmentally-friendly method, combined with our carefully calculated production runs, help preserve the forests, while benefiting from the best quality of wood for our wooden wine creations.

Sycamore maple, ash, walnut, basswood, cherry, beech, solid oak… Each piece of wood is individually selected from tree trunks sourced from sustainable forests, and carefully cut to preserve the vein’s unique pattern. For many of our collectors’ cases, our master “tabletier” craftsmen then apply non-polluting oils and varnishes to the surface to maintain and enhance the wood’s natural qualities.

A Range of Ancient and Contemporary Manufacturing Techniques

Just like oenology, “tabletterie” is an art with mysteries that only its connoisseurs can unlock. Nothing can replace our master “tabletier” craftsmen’s traditional savoir-faire when it comes to the design of our wine tool cases. Handcrafted in France, each L’Atelier du Vin’s wooden wine toolbox combines a wide range of ancient assembly techniques and modern machining processes.

Tongue and groove joints, mitre cuts, tenons, cylindrical hinges, mouldings… After each part has been manufactured, the different wine case components are assembled and fixed together. Our master craftsmen, with their own technical know-how and precision tools, thus take great care to create a sturdy case, a well-fitted lid and the perfect opening system.

From Fine Craftsmanship to Oenology, an Attention to Detail that Makes a Difference

When you open one of our wine tool cases, oenology takes on its true meaning. Connoisseurs and collectors will enjoy discovering each wine accessory neatly tidied away, along with compartments to store the corks from their greatest vintages, or tasting memories to recall as though it were yesterday…

Each wine tool is carefully placed in its allocated place, in the hollow of a custom mould, or held by two, perfectly adjusted rods, to protect them from the outside world. Finally, when the collectors’ wine case is closed, the owner’s initials appear on the lid, either hot stamped or laser-engraved onto the wood.

Each of our collectors’ boxes, carefully hand-crafted by master French “tabletiers”, are therefore designed and personalised for unconditional wine lovers and passionate oenologists, as family treasure chests to be passed down from generation to generation. Wine “tabletterie” is a living art that we are committed to perpetuating, and whose attention to detail makes all the difference.