Bourgogne & its vineyard maps

Bourgogne and its Climates represented 150 years apart

The Map of the Great Wines of Bourgogne: unfold the map of the Côtes de Nuits, the Côtes de Beaune and you will travel!
You will remember, you will finally be able to locate the winegrowers whose good bottles you know.
The appellations speak to us, the Climates have not moved, but look at the representation of the cartographers:

In 1861: Les Grands Vins
of Burgundy

“Classified for each commune according to the merit of the products”
Batault Morot, Publisher in Beaune

The distinction is made between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd vintages.

In 2012: The Côte de Nuits

Éditions Benoît France

New details are emerging: municipal appellations, grand cru, 1er cru, regional appellations…
And yet, the Climates of Bourgogne have been carefully named and delineated for centuries.
Each Climat de Bourgogne is a parcel of vines that has its history and benefits from particular geological and climatic conditions. Each wine from a Climat has its own taste and its place in the hierarchy of wines (Appellation Régionale, Village, Premier Cru, Grand Cru). There are more than 1000 Climates to follow one another on a thin ribbon running from Dijon to Santenay, south of Beaune.

*Definition given by the Climats de Bourgogne website