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Wine Discovery 2


CHECK your tastes and DISCOVER your favourite wines 43 Questions + 15 Wine Profiles  (More information)

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Wine Discovery 2 is for all these who:

  • want to drink better wines and choose wines they really enjoy, enabling them to stay healthy and obtain more pleasure from tasting.
  • find that rows of bottles in supermarkets or other shops are simply baffling and do not know how to start choosing.
  • would just love to have a friendly shop attendant say to them: « know what you like and here is a wine that you will enjoy».

How does it work?

By asking questions about your tastes (colours, smells, landscapes, materials, etc.), and your cultural preferences (in the fields of architecture, painting, music, literature, film, etc.), Wine Discovery 2 will help you to find out what types and styles of wines are likely to please you the most, at a given moment.
Indeed, as tastes may alter according to one’s mood, Wine Discovery 2 can be used as a sort of daily taste check-up, to help to decide what you really feel like drinking today.