Pack of 3 Gard'Vin On/Off Sealers

Vacuum Pump Wine Sealers

On: an open bottle, aerating, an invitation to taste a fine white or red. Off: nothing to report. An impenetrable shield, the Gard’Vin On/Off sealer is no ordinary wine sealer. Designed specifically for a vacuum pump, this ingenious system allows to extract the air in a freshly opened bottle. This high performance sealing mechanism is the result of years of research.


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A coloured indicator is located on top of the Gard’Vin On/Off sealer so that you know whether or not your previous bottle still contains oxygen: when the indicator is no longer visible, all the air that entered the bottle when it was opened has been removed and it is now hermetically sealed. The taste will be preserved until the wine is next opened.

With this 3 pack of Gard’Vin On/Off sealers, you can enjoy 3 different wines from your personal collection on several occasions, and enjoy them for longer, a few days apart, without losing a single drop.