Interior Wine Architecture

For professionals and at home, the Wine Space is an important part of hospitality, a refinement within contemporary living.

Interior Wine Architecture


Each project can be individually customised by combining different sized modules.

The various layout options meet the wine lover’s functional choices for storing and presenting their bottles including in separate niches, all together, on inclined planes, compartmented drawers for wine wooden boxes.

Designed for professional use, the interior design units have a refined visual look and can be easily incorporated into any environment.

The materials used are authentic and durable: steel, solid wood, tempered glass, etc.
Interior Wine Architecture

Wine Cabinets

Our creations, whether small units or generous counters, are at home in both professional and private spaces.

The wine space becomes a convivial setting for festive discoveries: opening and sharing a new bottle or “revisiting” an already-opened one around fine cheeses, cooked meats, small dishes... is a special treat to offer your guests.

Like our Cellars, the materials used are authentic and durable: steel, solid wood, tempered glass.
Interior Wine Architecture

Wine Cellar Configurator

Create you cellar using our configurator.
Interior Wine Architecture

Our Achievements

Our Interior Wine Architecture offer is designed for individuals and professionals alike, and for all types of spaces. Here are some examples of our final projects and preliminary 3D renderings.