Why does one drink Champagne to celebrate?


In the heart of the vineyards in Champagne
  Pickers and carriers are busy in the vineyard; it’s serious work, but a lot of fun. At the winepress – 2 “Coquards” with 8-tonne sloping surfaces – large arms are busy until late at night: grape must waits for no-one! The gleaming climate-controlled vat room is ready… The cellar master watches over the operation: […]

The Creation

The Nomad Collection, Timeless Wine Tool Cases (Limited Edition)
Discover L’Atelier du Vin’s Nomad collection, genuine leather wine tool kits to keep your accessories safe and accompany you to vineyards around the world. The sturdy, custom-made cases, handcrafted in Italy, perfectly encase your corkscrews, foil cutters, pourers, pliers and champagne corks. The Nomad collection is a limited edition, so each model is unique. Sturdy […]

Interior Wine Architecture