Why does one drink Champagne to celebrate?


In the heart of the vineyards in Champagne
  Pickers and carriers are busy in the vineyard; it’s serious work, but a lot of fun. At the winepress – 2 “Coquards” with 8-tonne sloping surfaces – large arms are busy until late at night: grape must waits for no-one! The gleaming climate-controlled vat room is ready… The cellar master watches over the operation: […]

The Art of living Wine

Why does one drink Champagne to celebrate?
  This period was one of new fortunes and some extravagant behaviour. Sparkling champagne, because of its visibly different and mobile nature (the bubbles), and perhaps also for the rapid effect of “euphoria” it produced on those who drank it, was an ideal drink for such consumers. It was different and amusing. The same was […]

The Creation

The White Wine Coast
    Early November 2018 We come out of the winery of our friend Paul, winegrower at Le Mesnil sur Oger. A few samples of the still wine already show me – thanks to Paul’s explanations, his pipette in hand – the differences between the grapes from several plots. The harvest, which was early this […]

Interior Wine Architecture

Successfully complete your wine cellar project
    A serious and festive matter Creating a Wine Space is a serious undertaking. It is about housing a wine collector’s living, constantly renewed, treasure, or that of a restaurant or a wine-grower… But when you create a Cellar, you’re also envisioning a fabulous place of hospitality and sharing, where you can honour and […]