The art of enjoying fine wine, the French way, is an invitation to savor your wine experience with high-quality tools imbued with resolutely contemporary style. Tools that, over time, will become classic staples, standing out for their distinctive design.

Opening the bottle

Bottle openers – the essential keys to unlocking wines – come in many shapes and forms. Choosing one is a matter of taste and preferred ergonomics.

It may also depend on the occasion – are you gathered in the kitchen, at a table, around a countertop or on a terrace…

Especially designed for specific types of bottles and exact types of corks, each model is a true collector’s item.


Designed to serve wines at their best. The shapes, the volumes and the openings of our decanters are perfect for younger wines and older vintages alike.

Our specific designs, such as that of our Perched Carafes, also develop the wine.

Bucket & Tray

If you care for and store your wine properly – even without any pomp and circumstance – the beauty of the aesthetics will only add to the joy of discovering a delicious bottle.

Only a few common-sense rules need to be followed. The temperature at which the wine is conserved (over time) and the manner in which it is prepared (in the few hours preceding the wine tasting) are two critical elements. After all, the long years of care dedicated to creating a good wine can easily be wiped out by poor storage and/or serving conditions. Wine coolers, thermometers, trays, cleaning aids…

So many essential and useful objects to perfect the service of wine.


To “ explore ” wine and spirits, L’Atelier du Vin designed a unique glass: The Exploreur®.

The Exploreur® Oenology – a wine glass – features the Aroma Line®, a technical design achievement that enhances the olfactory and gustatory sensations of wine.

The Exploreur® Spirits – a spirit glass – allows you to experience the surprising textures of good spirits even in small volumes.

The patented Exploreur® is truly a feat in glass craftsmanship.


Even after a bottle of wine has been opened, it is entirely possible to preserve the quality of the wine. Just as it was before the bottle was opened, the oxygenation process must once again be stopped. Our simple methods of air extraction and airtight sealing successfully preserve wine for a few days. Indeed, our methods preserve most of the organoleptic qualities of wine: flavours, aromas, texture…

City racks and other storage

Your glasses and your bottles (ready-to-drink) should always be within your glance and within easy reach of your hands. In the kitchen, in the living room, on the terrace… our practical and aesthetic storage solutions are here to make serving wine easy and increase the enjoyment of your guests.

Baladeurs and coolers

For your Champagnes, white wines, rosés… Fresh Baladeurs are always ready to use, just pour in cold water and ice. With their stylish, resistant handle it lends an elegant touch to both table and garden settings. Fresh wine coolers, for their part, stored in the freezer, adorn white wine, rosés and champagnes in cold chic.