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Wine and us

Sharing knowledge

It is our firm belief that knowledge about wine and its context enhances the pleasure derived from tasting. Our editorial line is based on this simple principle.Our manuals, games and other publications that deal with wine are designed to be read and put to practical use together with a glass of wine, with an open mind and without pretension.

Our preferences

Increasing knowledge also helps us to identify our tastes and preferences.Selecting a wine in a shop is probably an event as familiar to us as choosing a book in a bookshop. Our aim is to facilitate this decision-making amongst the infinite variety of “good” wines and wine producers.

Drinking sense: a contemporary form of hedonism

Better knowledge leads to better drinking. Becoming more demanding of the wine we drink means that we drink less, as we drink only (or mainly) those wines we really appreciate: those that make us feel good, that are well made, that tell a story about the places they come
from and the people who produce them.