Quiz du Vin

Wine QuizRevised and expanded new edition – 264 Questions-AnswersThe Wine Quiz have been designed by L’Atelier du Vin in 2005 and produced with the help of David Cobbold and Sébastien Durand-Viel, professional wine tasters, authors and teachers on the subject of wine. Wine Quiz has been translated from French into six languages (English, German, Dutch, Japanese, Russian and Chinese). Over 70 000 copies have been sold world-wide. This new edition has been revised and expanded. The Wine Quiz aims to make you virtually unbeatable in all realms of wine knowledge. More to the point, it will also help to increase the enjoyment you get out of tasting and sharing excellent bottles of wine. The better you know wine and its world, the more you can appreciate it and share your knowledge on the subject. David Cobbold is a wine teacher and lecturer, wine writer and radio and TV journalist. A British subject who has been living in France since 1973, he has written more than twenty books on wine, and travels regularly to many wine producing countries to research his written and spoken work on wine and its culture. Sébastien Durand-Viel is an editor of specialised documents on wine and its history, also a wine journalist and taster. He has written a dozen books on wine and is a trained historian.