Oeno Box Sommelier

The ideal set to make the uncorking fast and easy, to know the best vintages and master the essential wine & food pairings to succeed in making nice gourmet dinners. Lever corkscrew in chromed metal + Spare spiral + Vintage pocket guide + Wine & Food printed guide + Wine Ring®. . Vintage pocket guide: the vintage is the year of harvesting a wine. By extension, the vintages were endowed with indicative notes by type of wine (red, dry white or sweet) in each region.. Wine & Food printed guide: Rib of beef, Seafood, Sea fish, River fish, Delicatessen, Lamb & pork, Beef, Veal, Chicken, Confit of duck. Printed inside the box. Design patent.. Wine Ring®: A ring dedicated to your bottle, Wine Ring® can be clipped onto the neck of any wine bottle, and willcollect all those annoying drops of wine. Made in stainless steel and felt. Hand wash only. Design patent.