Carafe Lignes & Bouchon Corolle

Carafe LinesInspired by the art of blown glass in France during the 18th century, the Carafe Lines oxygenates wine in a delicate way while its shape shows off the color of the wine. Particularly recommended for young (less than 5 years) red and white wines.The Carafe Lines is mouth blown and hand made in Europe. Each item is unique. Manufactured from top-quality, lead-free glass. Hand wash. Compatible with the Big Decanter Brush. Size: Height 25cm x Diameter 17cm. Capacity: Magnum (1.5 L). & Corolle StopperA spiral fabric cone to cover the neck of the carafe, the Corolle Stopper protects the wine from dust while letting it “breathe”. Manufactured in cotton and polyester, coated with polyurethane. Size: Diam 5cm x L 9cm.