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  1. Looking after glassware and tools properly is often taken too lightly. Yet this stage is essential in order to get the most from your tasting and will make glassware last longer. Our products for storage of daily bottles have been designed to adapt to all sorts of storage spaces, in the kitchen or in the utility-room.

  2. ON/OFF Decanter holder ON/OFF Decanter holder
  3. Glass dryer – Rack Glass dryer – Rack
  4. Magnet Stopper Magnet Stopper
  5. Big Decanter Brush Big Decanter Brush
  6. Long Goupillon Long Goupillon
  7. Washing balls in a sachet Washing balls in a sachet
  8. Cristal cleaner Cristal cleaner
  9. Antibacterial drying mat with silver yarn Antibacterial drying mat with silver yarn
  10. Glass Tree Glass Tree
  11. Antipasti Glass Tree Antipasti Glass Tree
  12. City Rack Compact City Rack Compact
  13. City Rack Bois City Rack Bois
  14. City Rack® metal City Rack® metal
  15. Soft Baladeur Soft Baladeur
  16. Wine City Bag Wine City Bag